Presentation of the 10th Valuation Observatory of the AEV


On the tenth edition of the AEV (Spanish Association of Value Analysis) Valuation Observatory, we organised a press conference at the Madrid Official Association of Architects (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid, COAM). This report monitors the housing market in Spain and integrates the analysis of the sector and its prices, as well as contrasting its results with the opinions of experts in the real estate world.

During the media presentation, which was led by Professor Paloma Taltavull, the author of the report, the President and the Secretary General of the AEV, an in-depth analysis of five years of the history of the housing market in Spain was carried out.

For the management of the event, the agency was in charge of the organisation, convening, and preparation of the content for journalists and their attention, with the subsequent launch of the press release with the main data of the 10th AEV Valuation Observatory to all the target media.

Fourteen journalists specialising in the real estate sector attended the event, which resulted in more than 70 hits in the main general, economic and sectoral media, radio programmes and news agencies, with a reach of more than 53 million readers and listeners. This press conference favoured not only the recognition of the work of the appraisal companies in the press and later in society, but also the sector rigour and professionalism.