Announcing the IPO of Italian Company MotorK


MotorK, an Italy based leading SaaS provider for the automotive industry in the EMEA region, relied on the agency’s communication and public relations services to announce its IPO. After announcing the acquisition of its main competitor in Spain days before, Dapda Motor Digital, the general, financial, and automotive media were informed about all the details of the IPO, obtaining important coverage.

After the gong that marked the start of its IPO, the agency arranged several interviews with the company’s CEO on the radio and in the press.

A company that, until it began to manage its communication with the agency in March 2021, was unknown in the Spanish media managed to exceed a hundred news items in a year of work on positioning, authority and reputation. In addition to the press office services, MotorK’s Country Manager received media training that strengthened his leadership and communication skills as the main spokesperson in Spain.