At Lore Treviño Communication and PR Boutique we are specialized in media relations, and we ensure that our clients have a relevant space in the main newspapers, magazines or radio/television programs in order to transmit the most significant messages of the company to the target audiences.

We believe that empathy plays a key role when working on something as creative as public relations. Therefore, we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, whatever the sector is, and make them stand out in the main media.

Our strategies are always adapted to the needs of each client. To carry them out, we make use of various communication tactics that we transfer to the media so that the target audience can benefit from them.

These tactics include: press office activities, such as press releases, bylines or interviews; corporate communication, in which we include everything from business communication to product communication, development of brand identity and image, and positioning; the creation and content marketing; the organization of external events, such as press conferences or events for journalists, and internal meetings; and, finally, media training, where we train managers to turn them into the best spokespersons and opinion leaders.

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