About me

The Basque Country watched me grow, Madrid watched me learn and the world is watching me evolve. I am passionate about communication in general and human relations in particular. I am creative, analytical and diligent whilst I enjoy creating and implementing personalized strategies with dedication and flexibility for both national and international companies. Working with me: a senior team of professionals with more than fifteen years of experience.

In 2014, I started to work on my own after having learned the trade in top-level national and international companies, managing communication for Samsung, Intel or Edenred.

I started working on companies in the real estate sector giving visibility to the employers of appraisal companies and I was in charge of developing the image and reputation of the flight search engine Skyscanner until the arrival of the pandemic.

After several years on my own, in 2021 the company took a significant quantitative and qualitative leap forward by, creating a professional team made up of senior consultants from the world of both B2C and B2B public relations, marketing and design.

This is how a media relations agency specializing in real estate, technology and travel is restructured.